Mac Book recommends that you buy a Microsoft Surface laptop

Do you want to get a modern laptop and don’t know what to buy? Mac Book recommends that you buy a Microsoft Surface laptop.

Apple and Microsoft have a long history of pushing each other in advertisements for its products (in the US and other markets, but not in Europe, you can say that product X is better than Y). You probably remember the famous Mac vs PC ads.

If those ads were funny and clever, it wasn’t. In the latest confrontation between the two companies, Microsoft tells you that Mac Book recommends your Surface laptop. Microsoft seems to have found an individual named Mackenzie Book (Mac Book) who is ready to admit that the Surface Laptop 2 is better than an Apple MacBook laptop.

How Microsoft wants to convince you to get a Surface laptop 2

I’m curious how they got to this person. Did those from Microsoft look for it or did that guy self-propel for an ad? In any case, this ad clip contains the phrase “Mac Book tells you to get a Surface laptop”. Purpose achieved? I presume.

What’s next? Does Apple look for a guy named Mike Rosoft and have him say that the iPad is better than the Surface? Or a “Mac Book Bro” type may appear. Who knows. For now, Apple is still deciding whether to say about the iPad Pro is a computer or not.

Anyway, Apple has to solve the problems with keyboard on laptops because this is a key element of an at least one device. Unfortunately for the California company, several laptops had serious keyboard issues, and when you spend over $ 1000 on a PC, the keyboard should be flawless.

Do you know what your advertisement looks like? Are you convinced to get a Surface 2 at the expense of a Macbook?

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